Rainy days

I think I woke up in November. It’s dark. It’s rainy. It’s so damn wet.

Rainy days make me feel sentimental and reflective. Especially fall rainy days. I feel like sorting family pictures, calling Grandma and playing songs that we had listened to on our car rides with Mom and Dad. It’s sweet and a bit sad. I’m thankful for the time that we had and also miss the time that we had.

When you are moving across the ocean and leave everything you know behind, the world which you have left is frozen in time. Places and people that you know and love are not changing and not aging. The idea of that life lives in your mind. Tricky thing tho, because it’s just stopping for you. It’s a bit like living in the past while creating a present and future in the new place. I always feel torn between those two worlds. Tale of an immigrant, I guess.

Hope you have some great family memories and you can reminisce about them during your rainy days. And btw, rainy day doesn’t have to be rainy at all.


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