How do I get there?

I have a vision of a morning when everything goes well and I am in control. Let’s discuss it. I wake up and I am not squeezed in between two dogs diagonally, cause the pups slept in their crates. I wake up rested and I drink a glass of water which I had placed the night before on my nightstand. The water is fresh cause it hasn’t been sitting there for days. I get out and take a dogs for a walk. No one is pulling and peeing on the hostas. We go back inside, the coffee is brewing and I am ready for my meditation. During meditation I am focused and present, I don’t feel like this shit is not working and I am not planning what would I want to read next and I am definitely not thinking about coffee. Afterwards, I check the news and I am not mad at the state of, well, everything and sip my coffee. Meanwhile pups are sleeping and no one is farting. After a reasonable caffeine intake, my fabulous self, in a matching outfit obviously, is getting down to the mini-gym in the basement. I work out and later shower and get ready for a beautiful day. Rainbows, unicorns and glitter. The end.

Easy peasy. I can get there, right?

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