Backstreet’s back, alright…

Hello. Hello again! Hmm. Is that even right? I’m back… hopefully I am back to writing and sharing my, oh so inspiring, stories with y’all. Nothing big, exciting, life changing had happened, I just took the lazy river of holiday craze and didn’t do shit. Well, I did worry and overreact and had a pity party for myself so I guess it wasn’t all “nothing”. During my “break” I had : apply for some jobs, gotten new glasses (thank you kindly astigmatism), seen my brother-in-law and his lovely girlfriend, got my very effin first LEGO set (L., I am so grootful), hosted a party and won a volleyball game 3:0 (so, so rare). Other worthy things happened but this came to my mind and fingers as of now so we are going with it.

Heavens to Betsy.

For now I guess that’s it. Talk soon, Friends.


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